Contestant Interview: Caleb Urdaneta

Our second contestant interview is with Caleb Urdaneta, who first began participating in the Bible Bee in 2013 and has competed in the semifinals several times. The interview contains both serious questions, such as “How would you be different if the Bible Bee had not entered your life?”, and fun one-liners (do you know what Caleb’s favorite snack is?).

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Favorite BB moment?

Making it to Semi-Finals for the first time, in 2016.  God has blessed me much more than I deserve.

Share a BB “inside” joke or event, something no one but BBers will understand.

Camels — that says it all.

How did you learn about the Bible Bee?  When did you start participating?

My family first heard about the Bible Bee on the radio in 2009, five days before the competition, so it was obviously too late to do it that year.  My brother first started competing the next year, and I began competing in 2013.

How would you be different if the Bible Bee had not entered your life?

I would not have learned so much of God’s word, and so much about God Himself.  I also would not have experienced fellowship with so many other fellow believers across the country, whom I probably would have never met if not for the Bible Bee.

What has God taught you through the Bible Bee?

God has taught me so many things through the Bible Bee, among which are to trust Him, studying His Word is worthwhile, and He has shown me so many other things through His Word, I can’t list them all here.  Praise the Lord!!!

Favorite study/memorization tip

No matter what happens, continue to trust God, and leave the results to Him.

What is your “before-Prelims” (or “before-Semis”, if you’re a previous semifinalist) routine?

Before Semis, I review all of the passages, except for the longest ones, which the judges will most likely save for Finals.  I go over some other study material as well, but I don’t study too much because I don’t want to burn myself out.

Favorite verse/passage and why?

Is. 53: It is a detailed, eye-opening description of the Suffering Servant, Jesus Christ.

Who is a Bible character you look up to and why?

Joseph. Even though he experienced so many trials and tribulations in his life, he trusted God, knowing God would work everything out for good.

If you could travel through time, which Bible period would you want to land into?  Why?

The time of Jesus. Seeing Him in heaven one day will be amazing!

If someone asked you, “What do you believe?”, how would you answer them?  Or, “What is faith?”

“Faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.” (Hebrews 11:1)

Faith is not seeing, and yet believing.

Favorite place to study

A quiet room at home

Favorite place to memorize Scripture

A place where I can focus in and let God put the passage into my brain.

Favorite snack

Chex Mix

Favorite game to play with BBers


Favorite subject


Favorite book(s), excluding the Bible, commentaries, and Bible Bee programs

Mystery and adventure books  

Topic you could talk/argue/discuss about for hours

The Bible Bee

Favorite song

“Is He worthy?”

Fun fact, or facts, about you

I live in Nevada.  I have two brothers, and am the second oldest/youngest.

Future plans after Bible Bee?  (e.g. college, career, etc.)

I plan to go to college; I am not sure what I plan to do for a living, but I might go into full-time ministry, thanks to a fellow BBer who encouraged me to go in that direction.

What do you usually do for off-season?

Last off-season, I memorized Luke 4 and 9 for a Scriptorium in Arizona (which unfortunately was cancelled due to the pandemic, but God’s Word never returns void), as well as the Sermon on the Mount and 2 Timothy.  I am currently memorizing the Ten Commandments, and plan to start memorizing Genesis chapters 1-11, beginning in January.  I also plan to continue reviewing the Bible Bee memory passages, so I won’t forget them.

What is your favorite quote – be it spoken/written by you or others?

“Ask great things from God, attempt great things for God.” — William Carey


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