Who can Contribute

Everyone is welcome to contribute!

What to Contribute

  • Artwork/calligraphy/designs/etc. (jpeg, png, svg, etc.)
  • YKYIBBWs (“You know you’re in Bible Bee when…”)
  • Photography
  • Stories of faith (they don’t have to be BB-related), testimonies, funny BB stories/jokes, etc.
  • Factual articles on the Bible, biblical culture/history, Bible Bee, etc.
  • Poetry
  • Quizzes/trivia (either on the Bible or Bible Bee history/contests)
  • Links to blogs (Bible or Bible Bee-related; preferable Bible Bee)
  • Bible-related activities/recipes/traditions/etc.
  • …or be creative and come up with your own ideas!

You can also contribute by completing an “interview” as a Bible Bee contestant or alumni. If you are interested or would like to learn more, please email us at:

Guidelines for Contributions

  1. All contribution must be God-glorifying.
  2. The contributions do not have to explicitly mention, but should relate to Bible Bee or God/Bible in some way. For example, you could submit a recipe for making matza, the unleavened bread that Jesus, His disciples, and the early Christians would have eaten during the feast of Passover.
  3. We prefer original content; however, we will accept short excerpts (1 paragraph – 1 page) from recaps or interesting articles that have been published elsewhere already.

If we feel that contributions do not meet these guidelines, we may choose not to publish it.

Where to Send Contributions

Send your contributions to 🙂 If you’re already a contributor and have an account on this blog, you can simply create a post and send it for review on the blog itself.