How to Play Bible Bee Foursquare

The Wednesday before the test, my family had some Bible Bee friends over at our house. We met to study in the backyard and came up with this game! It’s a variation on the game of foursquare. Enjoy!

Note: You’ll need four or more players to play this game (though it could be possible to figure out how to play three-square or two-square if you wanted to).

Setting up the Game

On a hard, flat surface such as a paved path, driveway, or sidewalk, mark out a large square with chalk. Divide this square into four squares, forming a 2×2 grid. Working around the larger square, write a ranking number (1-4) in the outside corner of each smaller square. Then get out your Discovery Journals and get ready to play!

How to Play

  1. Have each person choose a number to start on. If there are more than four players, the remaining players form a line next to square 4 to wait.
  2. The person on square 1 (I’ll refer to this person as “player 1”) starts first. Player 1 can ask any one of the other three players a short answer question from the Discovery Journal (example questions below to get you started). If you are familiar with traditional foursquare, this is akin to passing a figurative “ball” to this person.
  3. The player who was asked the question is not permitted to look in the DJ for the answer. If this person answers correctly, he gets the figurative ball and may then pass it to another person by asking any one of the other players a short answer question of his own.
  4. Players may continue passing the “ball” to each other until someone gets a question wrong. If a player does not answer correctly, he must go to the end of the line (or, with four players, square 4), and all the players who were behind him move up one place in line or one square on the grid.
  5. After the new rotation, return to step 2 and keep playing for as long as you want!

Example Questions

  • What name means “who sees the son; the vision of the son”?
  • What is the Hebrew word for sport/laugh/mock?
  • What is a name for a wall built with large, irregular stone blocks without mortar?
  • What CR sets forth the levirate law?
  • Where did Abram build an altar, in the CR Genesis 12:6-8?
  • What does Shechem mean?
  • What city was Potipherah priest of?
  • Which son does Jacob liken to a donkey in Genesis 49?

I had lots of fun playing this game with my friends. I hope you enjoy it too! Blessings!

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Angela Kipp

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      • Hi, Hannah!
        I’m glad you had fun when we played this! 🙂
        Ooh, that’s a good idea! You’re right, I think you could do this for Nationals study too!

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