Relationships Between God and Man: Trust

Trusting God. I know all of us believe he has a plan for us. So why do we tend to hold grudges and second-guess God when events don’t go the way we plan or want? If we Truly trust God’s plan for us, we won’t ask God, “Why?” Now, asking “why” isn’t bad, it’s when we aren’t trusting that he is in control and instead we are dwelling on the bad things, not looking forward to eternal glory in heaven. We will have disappointments, life is hard, but pressing on toward the goal makes it even more incredible. Even if our life is crumbling, trusting God’s plan will give you the peace you need to keep pressing on. The more you trust, the easier your path will get because you’re not expecting anything of God. It doesn’t mean that the path itself will be easier, but how to discern the things taking place in a more righteous, godly way will become more natural. 

This doesn’t mean that we won’t question God’s motives. Face it. We’re human, we will doubt and question God. It’s in times like this where you run to him full speed! He will welcome us with open arms.

God will break us. It’s when he does where we learn to give him everything. When we are broken we will truly trust God in everything. Whatever he does in our lives, trusting God’s motives is the best thing that we can do as we walk our walk, run the path he sets before us, trust his plan, and continue to grow in faith. 

Life is hard. The more we trust in his plan the closer we will grow to him, the amount of anger and disappointment we feel when something we are expecting doesn’t take place will drop because we know it’s God’s will. 

Put your hope in him. For he is good. His love will endure forever.

Audrey Boekel
Audrey Boekel
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  1. Thank you!!! This is a wonderful truth that we all need to hear at one time or another. I needed this today, but didn’t realize it until i had read it. I have been blessed by this post. thank you to all who were involved in sharing this!

  2. This post was such a blessing to read! I have been struggling with this a bit lately, and this was a timely encouragement. Thank you so much for posting it!

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