Matthew the Tax Collector

Scurrying to and about,

Running to and fro,

Lost in all these doubts,

Is this to be what I sow.

I’ve heard about this Jesus,

But look at who I am.

There’s them, and then there’s us,

A gulf too great to span.

Yet I can’t help but watch Him;

There’s something about this man-

So pure, so free from sin,

As if He was God’s own Lamb.

So I scurry to and fro-

Those fishes from the sea!-

Try not to stub my toe-

Full of curiosity.

And then.

One day.

He looks my way.

He calls my name,

And says,

“Follow me.”

I can’t believe my ears!

What did this man just say?

Amidst my inward tears,

What wonder fills my day.

This man! He called my name.

He chose me for His own.

And calls me from my shame,

Unto His Kingly throne.

With haste I leave it all-

This is too good to be true!-

And hearken to the call,

For He has made all things new.

And now may His praises I e’re proclaim,

For He, my God, has called my name;

And may I forever follow the Lamb:

The Son of God, the Son of Man.

(based off of the TV series The Chosen)

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