Survey: What did you learn from the NBBC 2020?

Since this is the end of the 2020 National Bible Bee for most of you, we’ve decided to ask y’all how NBBC 2020 went. But before we start . . .

PLEASE REMEMBER NOT TO DIVULGE ANY CONTEST-RELATED DETAILS UNTIL AFTER NOVEMBER 10TH. YOU’LL GET YOURSELF AND US (THE TEAM) IN TROUBLE. We trust you to know what to share and what not to. For example, “God taught me to trust in Him this year because [situation]” is wonderful, but something like “there were so many [Greek / CR / John / MP / Background / etc.] questions on the test and I didn’t study for them!” is NOT okay. Neither is “the Orals passage I passed was [reference]”. However, you CAN say you felt nervous, excited, well-prepared, etc. for the test and the reasons why. We think – no, we KNOW – you get the idea.

(Yes, we are repeating the above paragraph below again, because it is very important.)

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  1. I really enjoy these Bible Bee magazine surveys so much! It is so fun to input something and to see everyone’s answers in the Bible Bee magazine. Thanks!

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