Contestant Interview: Hannah Wright

Our next contestant interview is with Hannah Wright, a senior in the Bible Bee this year. Amazingly, 2021 will be her tenth year competing!

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Favorite BB moment?

It’s a tie between making Semis in 2018 and 2019. Lots of screaming, hyperventilating, hugs, etc. ‘Twas awesome. 😀

Share a BB “inside” joke or event, something no one but BBers will understand.

You know you’re a BBer when what means “applause” in sign language means “quiet” to you! 😉

What do you love the most about the Bible Bee?

How it motivates me to be in the Word constantly, and the incredible amount of verses that can now spring to my mind whenever I need them.

How would you be different if the Bible Bee had not entered your life?

I honestly can’t say, because it’s been part of over half my life, including my very fundamental growing years. However, Bible Bee and connections through Bible Bee played a humongous part in my salvation, and humanly speaking I wouldn’t be converted at all right now if not for BB. (Of course, if God wanted me to be saved when I was, then it would’ve happened anyway. 😉 The amount of time I’ve spent in the Word, and the invaluable godly friendships I’ve created, have completely shaped my life to the point where I genuinely don’t know where I’d be without Bible Bee. It’s so amazing, and humbling, to think about.

What has God taught you through the Bible Bee?

Enough to fill three books and a few full-length essays. 😉 Summarized: that His grace is greater than my sin; that He is faithful when I am not; that He and His grace are sufficient in weakness; that His plan is infinitely better than mine; that His power is infinitely beyond what I can imagine, and there is nothing He can’t do – ultimately, that He is so, so, so good.

Favorite study/memorization tip

Memorize in the showerrr!!!!! All you need are Ziploc bags and enough money to pay the increased water bill. 😉

What is your “before-Prelims” (or “before-Semis”, if you’re a previous semifinalist) routine?

Hugs and prayers. 😛 I always take a few moments to pray right before the test, Orals, walking on stage, etc. – other than that I don’t have much of a routine. One thing that I can hopefully guarantee won’t be part of my routine anymore, is waking up 15 minutes before Orals! 😛

What do you usually do for off-season?

School. XD I suppose that’s ending now – guess we’ll find out!

What is your favorite quote – be it spoken/written by you or others?

The quote I use most often is “Better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool, than open it and remove all doubt.” But I would say my real favorite, off the top of my head, (and of course excluding all Bible quotes,) is “Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it’s thinking of yourself less.”

Favorite verse/passage and why?

This changes all the time, but my two go-tos are 1 Corinthians 1:27-31 and 2 Corinthians 12:7-10 – they manifest so evidently the power, goodness, and sufficiency of God through my weakness!

Who is a Bible character you look up to and why?

Peter has always been a favorite character of mine; watching him grow in faith, courage, and maturity throughout his Christian life is so amazing and inspiring!

If you could travel through time, which Bible period would you want to land into?  Why?

It’s a common answer, but I would choose the time Jesus lived, for all the reasons everybody else who has answered this has said. XD

Favorite place to study

At my desk in a quiet, empty basement

Favorite place to memorize Scripture

Theoretically the woods, but on account of a very long story and not a ton of property, in reality my go-to place is strolling around our pond.

Favorite snack

Depends on my mood; anything light and either overly sweet or overly salty

One thing people can always bribe you with

Cookies & Cream ice cream *drools*

Favorite game to play with BBers

Soccer and basketball, if those count as “games”. Otherwise, spoons or Dutch blitz!

Favorite subject

School, or otherwise? 😉 Consumer math has been surprisingly fun so far.

Favorite book(s), excluding the Bible, commentaries, and Bible Bee programs

Nonfiction – The Hiding Place by Corrie ten Boom; Lies Women Believe by Nancy Leigh DeMoss.

Fiction – Fires Rising by Grace J.; At Every Turn by Anne Mateer; Fawkes by Nadine Brandes

Topic you could talk/argue/discuss about for hours

Myself, unfortunately. 😛 Really, if you get me going I’ll talk forever about anything I’m remotely interested in (which is a lot of things!)

Favorite song

It changes all the time, but currently it’s Only a Holy God by Here Be Lions.

Personality type or types (MBTI, DISC, anything)

MBTI – IST/FP-T; Enneagram – 8w7; and my zodiac sign is Scorpio. 😂

Your hidden talent

It’s not exactly hidden anymore, but I can bend myself in half backwards, among other crazy contortions.

How would others describe you?

Depends whether they like me or not. 😛

Fun fact, or facts, about you

I have a large scar on my elbow that I am dreadfully proud of; square dancing is my favorite activity; I play several instruments but always hate one at any given time; I freakishly remember the date of pretty much every event ever, including birthdays of people I barely know.

Future plans after Bible Bee?  (e.g. college, career, etc.)

Top secret, of course.


  1. I enjoyed reading this interview! I remember lots of people’s birthdays too, which they think is creepy. And cookies ‘n creme Ice Cream is SOOOOOOO good!

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