Bible Bee Studying Tools I

Study Notes

RoamResearch – RoamResearch is a note-taking app that generates a visual graph from your notes, showing each note as a node with connections to notes it links to. It’s a quick and easy way to visualize your studying, as well as keep track of what is mentioned where.

Notion – While RoamResearch is a loose collection of notes, Notion is strictly hierarchical and functions like a database. You can create tables of memory passages. Each row is a page, and you can write notes on the page, add custom fields to rows, and much more.

Flashcard Tools

Quizlet – Quizlet is a digital flashcard tool that is much more than mere flashcards. With each flashcard set, you can generate tests, learn material, and play speed games to review facts.

Spaced Repetition Flashcards – Like Quizlet, except these tools make sure you never forget the material you’ve learned. Spaced repetition is based on the science of human forgetfulness. For each flashcard, spaced repetition tools generate a practice timeline for you to review the card and adjusts based on how well you know the flashcard each time it is brought up. A popular spaced repetition tool is AnkiWeb. For a notes-and-flashcards combination, check out RemNote.

Memorization Apps

Memverse – With Memverse, you can practice memory passages by typing them out. You can track your progress, see verse hints, and more.

BibleMemory (formerly ScriptureTyper) – Similar to Memverse, BibleMemory allows you to review passages you’ve memorized by typing them out. You can also set BibleMemory to track your typing speed or accuracy.

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