The Cliff With No Bridge

She came up to the edge of the cliff.

There used to be a bridge there.

A nice, comfortable bridge.

That could safely get her to the other side. 

But now it was not there.

Should she go back?


She had gone too far to turn back now.

She needed to reach what others called “Heaven.”

They spoke of Heaven as a paradise.

Free of the war that had invaded her country for so long.

So she set out seeking it.

But here was her only obstacle.

The bridgeless gap.

A prodding voice in her mind said, 


So she jumped to her certain doom. 

There was a river at the bottom, narrow and sure.

She could land in it and live. 

She closed her eyes.

With a thunk, she landed in a canoe gilded with gold. 

There was a note. 

It said,

“This river is the straighest way to get to Heaven.

The bridge that is no longer there led  to the false Heaven,

Full of pain and sorrow.

But now you get to go to true Heaven,

Of paradise.

All you had to do,

Was take the jump.’ 

Katherine Foerster
Katherine Foerster
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  1. This is an incredible poem!! It’s so true, we have to trust that he will catch us, trust that he is there. Thank you for this post!!!

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