Orals Day

(A Fill-in-the-Blank BB Story)

You opened your eyes an yawned __________ (ADVERB) as you __________ (VERB ending in -ed) out of bed. And then you remembered. Today was the day of your oral round at Nats!

You changed into your __________ (COLOR) Bible Bee polo, and ___________ (ADVERB ending in -ly) got yourself ready. You grabbed your verse cards so that you could __________ (VERB) during breakfast. You choose some/a _________ (FOOD) and sit down to eat, but you are so ___________, (ADJECTIVE) that you hardly touch your food. You see ____________ (BB-er) sitting over at another table, so you wave, and run over to review with him/her.

At last, it is time to go. You __________ (VERB) will all of the others in Oral group _____ (LETTER) as you listen to the instructions for the round. You are the second to last one up in your group, so as you wait outside the judging room, you __________, (VERB) ___________, (VERB) and ____________ (VERB) with the other contestants standing with you. One by one, they are called in to __________. (VERB) Finally, you are one of the last two standing outside the room. You __________ (VERB) quietly, and ask God to help you to ___________ (VERB) all that you have learned, and to do your best for His glory. You are called in to recite, and you walk in __________, (ADVERB) and with a smile on your face.

When you reach the front, you are asked to state your _________, (NOUN) __________, (NOUN) and Bible version. Then you are asked to recite _________________. (Bible Passage Reference) You gasp. You weren’t expecting to be asked a ______ (NUMBER) -carder in Prelims! But you know the passage, and recited it __________. (ADVERB) You recite all the passages with a smile, and finish with ______ (NUMBER) seconds to spare. You __________ (VERB) over to your family and sit down with them. You watch as _____________ (BB-er) comes in to do his/her recitation, and you are excited to see that he/she recited all of his/her passages perfectly!

You don’t think that you will move on, because you know that you made at least ______ (NUMBER) mistakes, but you are __________ (FEELING) that you had the opportunity to study and proclaim God’s Word. That was the ultimate __________ !(NOUN)

But that night you got a/an ____________ (ADJECTIVE) surprise…

You made Semis!!

Sierra Ruga
Sierra Ruga
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  1. My family played Mad Libs with this for our Friday game night, and it was awesome! (We had hot pink BB polos, 957-card passages, and contestants yodeling their verses. On the morning of Orals, I was so magnificent that I barely touched my food, and, according to my dad, proclaiming God’s Word is the ultimate UFO. XDD)
    Thanks so much for posting this, Sierra! It was soo fun!
    Would it be all right if my family used this as an icebreaker game for our Local group we plan to host next year?

    • I’m so glad that you guys enjoyed it!! That was my hope! 😀
      (And thanks for writing out some of the words that you guys filled in! I really enjoyed that. My sister would loveee hot pink BB polos! And I wonder if you could fit the whole book of Psalms on 957 verse cards…;) xD)
      Yes! You guys can definitely use this as an icebreaker at your host group next year!!

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